Penon Globe – Golden Globe!

If you’re looking for an IEM with punchy and snappy bass, a transparent midrange with good body and bite and well extended and refined treble delivered smoothly, then I can only recommend the Globe! The Globe is a very strong proposition at its price and keeps up with the best of a strong competition in this segment.


  • Excellent sub bass extension with good rumble
  • Punchy and snappy bass with good speed
  • Transparent and articulate midrange
  • Good treble energy with smooth delivery
  • Well extended treble providing excellent air and resolution
  • Scales with better sources


  • Isolation is average (but shells are very lightweight)

Product Page :
Price : 339$

Fit, Build & Isolation

The Penon Globe features a black medical grade resin material shell with a colorful glitter on the faceplate that changes with light and orientation. The Shell is bigger than the Orb but the size growth is reflected in depth and although the Globe is rather small it is deep. Like the Orb and even more so, this means the Globe is protruding from the ears and you can forget sleeping with it lying on the side.

Like the Orb, the Globe is very lightweight. I found the Globe to have only average isolation, but the shells are so light I am not too surprised. This shouldn’t be an issue in real world condition for most with music playing except for noisier environment if you’re a low volume listener like me. 

The Globe is very comfortable IEM to wear with an average depth insertion and very lightweight it’s quickly forgotten and disappears in the ear.

The Globe features a 2 pin socket and comes with a low footprint small gauge 8 wire cable in my case a 2.5 balanced version but the Globe comes with a 3.5 cable unless you take another option. The cable is supple and with good ergonomics.


Like most people I know I have enjoyed Penon as an online shop, a trusted distributor of many brands I love like Dunu, Astrotec or ISN to name a few. Penon started building IEMs (the BS1 earbud in 2017) and great value for money cables (like OS849).

In 2019 they launched their first IEM the Sphere and it was a success. Lately they have been on the roll with many highly praised products : the Orb and the flagship Volt IEM as well as cables such as the OSG cable (I’ll soon review it) and the flagship cable Totem. Following up on the Orb, the Globe is somewhat of a bigger brother with a similar driver array except the Globe has 2 BA instead of one and we’ll see how it benefits its performance.

The Globe packs the same dynamic driver as the Orb and it’s a good thing. This is a fairly unique design that I know of as its a custom 10mm driver is made of graphite fiber silk with a paper dome driver featuring a grainless overhanging diaphragm. Contrary to the Orb the Globe has 2 balanced armatures, one for the mids (from Sonion) and one for the highs (from Knowles). This is a bit of a more traditional design over the full range BA of the Orb that was a bit more singular.

So how does the Globe added driver translate compared to the Orb in terms of sound quality?
Let’s check it out!


Upon the very first listen (after proper burn-in), the Globe is clearly the Orb’s brother keeping the original recipe of “fun IEM built on solid technical foundations” but with a twist… Bass is where Orb and Globe have more commonality it’s still a powerful and physical yet controlled and refined bass. Mids are clearer and more transparent with the same smooth delivery. Treble are a bit less energetic but more refined, the treble overall balance is different with more upper treble emphasis. This helps the stage which is a bit more in every dimension compared to the Orb but also the Globe is more resolving with better imaging as well.

Like the Orb, the Globe is a very engaging listen but it’s a more technical and transparent one, those who felt they wanted more resolution and detail as well as transparency while keeping the fun won’t be disappointed.

But let’s dive a bit deeper!


Bass is clearly an outstanding feature of the Globe and like it’s smaller brother is nothing short of impressive : it’s a powerful bass but strikes a rare balance of power, control, punch and rich textures.

The sub bass is well extended with good rumble and a welcome physicality and presence is to my ears spot on. I like to have enough sub bass to feel the subs but not too much as to not overshadow the main message. I had trouble picking any differences between the Orb and Globe there and to me that’s excellent news.

Like the Orb, the mid bass is very balanced in terms of presence with the sub bass and there is no tilt either way. The bass line is strong with beautiful textures. The hypnotic drums in Fink “Resurgam” or in Ayo “Throw it away” have great power and control, the Globe clearly has tremendous authority.

In my Orb review in the bass section I wrote “please Penon keep the recipe for future IEMs as it’s really something special!!!”. The Globe certainly follows suit there and I expected no less.


The Globe mids are not as full bodied as the Orb but more transparent and clear as well as more articulate with better separation. Like the Orb it’s an engaging and lively midrange but with more bite and a more accurate timbre. Instruments as well as vocals sound spot on.

The lower mids have good presence but it’s a balanced presentation rather than a full bodied one like the Orb. The Globe is therefore more open sounding. Instrument separation is very good and the image is more precise.

I found the upper mids are a little less forward than the Orb, vocals presentation is a bit farther away in the stage and instruments have a little less bite which does make sense with an overall more balanced midrange that is clearer and more open sounding. The Globe is more balanced than its younger brother, with stronger technicalities but a little less body and energy. I like that Penon provides us both flavors.

Male vocals are a little less powerful than the Orb with less grit, but more faithful packing more detail.Similarly, female vocals don’t sound as sweet but still north of neutral being overall clearer and a bit more emotional. Contrary to my findings on the Orb, the Globe exhibited no hints of sibilance on more sensitive tracks, like I noticed on Diana Krall “Let’s fall in love” for example.


Treble wise the Globe has an opposite tilt : where the Orb had a slight tilt towards the lower treble the Globe has an upper treble tilt providing more air and pulling more resolution and better imaging than the Orb.

The lower treble energy is a bit less than the Orb so I would dub it energetic but safer for treble sensitive people. The Globe has good energy, just not as energetic as its younger brother, electric guitars have good but a tad less satisfying buzz. The Pixies “Where is my mind” is a good test of how safe your treble is and the Globe is engaging but contrary to the Orb the hi hats sizzle as well as guitar riffs don’t play with the limit of my sensitivity it’s again “safer”. On the flipside this makes the Globe less fatiguing to my ears, but don’t read this as Globe being dull as it’s quite energetic just not as much as the younger brother.

The upper treble is more extended than the Orb, and with significantly more presence, as I have hinted earlier. Listening to Guthrie Tapp “Buckdancer’s choice” detail retrieval is nothing short of impressive at this price point although Orb was pretty good to begin with, separation is much better than the Orb. The Globe is a resolving IEM that can deal much better with complex tracks with large ensembles.


It’s really hard to believe how well Penon has grown its lineup in a short period of time, like the Orb the Globe shows the maturity of its tuning and the price to performance ratio is still impressive.

The Globe is a very strong proposition at its price and keeps up with the best of a strong competition in this segment. It also will appeal to more demanding audiophiles in terms of technicalities thanks to its more transparent midrange and better extension and resolution. It will do so while remaining fun with excellent punch and a strong bass line with excellent speed. On top of this like the Orb it will scale superbly with an affordable desktop amp like iFi Audio Zen Can.

If you’re looking for an IEM with punchy and snappy bass, a transparent midrange with good body and bite and well extended and refined treble delivered smoothly, then I can only recommend the Globe!

Listening notes
I spent approximately 40hours with the Globe, listening on Hiby R6 2020 (and iFi Audio Zen Can balanced) and Lotoo PAW S1 using the stock cable. 

Special Thanks
Thanks to Penon for providing a review unit of the GlobeAs usual, this review is my honest opinion. No incentive was given for a favorable review. 


  • Hard leather carry case
  • Tips
  • Stock 8 wire SPC cable


  • Driver: 2BA + 10mm dynamic
  • Balanced armature: Knowles high frequency, Sonion middles frequency
  • Dynamic driver : 10mm Bass
  • Frequency reponse:20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 10ohm@1khz
  • Sensitivity: 116db@1khz@1mw
  • Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm
  • Cable length: 1.2M

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  1. Excellent in depth review ❤️
    I am looking for an iem with sound signature preference towards rumbling sub bass and punchy mid bass( in short basshead level bass quality+quantity) + good sound seperation under $200USD…
    Can you recommend some good options?
    Thanks in advance


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